MRT Map (2015)

MRT Map (2015)

MRT map from 2015 with new stations added to the blue line

The Emotive Journey Through Singapore’s MRT Map of 2015: Nostalgia on Rails


Ah, the Singapore MRT Map of 2015! Remember that? In the days when smartphones were becoming the norm, paper maps still had their old-world charm. Imagine this: you just landed in Singapore for the first time, and there it is, the MRT map, your lifeline to explore the city. Could you feel the excitement bubbling inside you? This article takes you on a stroll down memory lane, back to 2015, highlighting why that year’s MRT map is more than just a map—it’s a portal to memories, filled with colours, lines, and stops.

Why the 2015 Map is Significant

The 2015 MRT map was a game-changer! It brought with it technological advances like interactive screens and digital information panels. Besides, the system itself saw new routes opening up, making it easier for you to reach even the less-explored corners of Singapore. Weren’t those the days?

Understanding the Map

smrt map, Singapore MRT map

The MRT map was your go-to guide for Singapore’s pulsating life. Colour-coded lines, major landmarks marked, and even the frequency of the service—it had it all! Could navigating a city be more fun?

The Red Line

The heartbeat of Singapore! Remember how it connected you to the iconic Orchard Road and the bustling Jurong East? Let’s not forget those dinner plans at Newton.

The Green Line

From the east to the west, this line was the lifeline for daily commuters. A trip down this line feels like a mini-tour of Singapore, doesn’t it?

The Purple Line

Hougang, Punggol, or Sengkang—ring any bells? The Purple Line was like that quirky friend who introduced you to the cooler, lesser-known places in Singapore.

The Yellow Line

Chinatown to HarbourFront, the Yellow Line was your ticket to cultural enrichment. Feeling nostalgic yet?

The Blue Line

Stepping into the Bayfront station felt like stepping into the future, didn’t it? Gardens by the Bay on one end and the Financial District on the other, a journey on the Blue Line, was nothing less than magical.

Other Lines

The Circle and Downtown Lines were like the supporting actors in a blockbuster movie—always there to provide depth and variety to your journeys.

Smart Features

Remember how advanced it felt to have real-time updates on the MRT mobile apps? It was like holding a tiny Oracle in your hand.

Benefits of the MRT System

Have you ever thought about the reduced carbon footprints or the time saved thanks to the MRT? It was not just a travel convenience; it was a blessing!

Comparing 2015 with 2021

The evolution has been significant, but doesn’t your heart sometimes yearn for the simpler times of the 2015 map? Although the expansion plans are great, nostalgia has its charm.

Personal Stories

You are not alone; many have funny, sad, or romantic stories connected with the MRT. Wasn’t it often the starting point of many adventures?


So here we are, having completed a sentimental journey through the MRT map of 2015. It was more than just a map; it was a symbol of an era, a snapshot of a time when life seemed simpler yet full of possibilities. Wouldn’t you agree?


Q: Why focus on the MRT map (2015)?

A: Because it marked a significant phase in the development of Singapore’s MRT system.

Q: How do I get the MRT map of 2015?

A: They can still be found in online archives or souvenir stores.

Q: What’s the difference between the 2015 map and today’s map?

A: While the basic structure remains, new lines and technological advances have been added.

Q: Were there mobile apps related to MRT in 2015?

A: Yes, the early versions were available, offering real-time updates.

Q: Is the MRT map beginner-friendly?

A: Absolutely, with its color-coded lines and multiple landmarks, it’s extremely user-friendly.